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baby please, fall in love, ima tokimeite ♪

This is not my secret: I love Leah Dizon. I AM GOING TO TELL YOU ABOUT HER. <3333

She is half Chinese-Filipino and half American-French, and she is one of the prettiest persons in the whole world. She moved to Japan when she was twenty to pursue a career, and she went from minor modelling to major modelling, singing, dancing, and a little bit of everything. It is a fact that everybody in Johnny's Entertainment has a crush on her, except mostly Ryo and Yoko (Ryo is always agonized by how much more attention she gives to Yoko, though, and I am pretty sure that she likes Yoko the best <3).


リア・ディゾン is amazing like you don't even know. <3333 A lot of people really hate her and I can't understand why--, there are I Hate Leah Dizon communities, blogs, and hundreds of persons who share the sentiment, and it makes me ache. ;.; I am rather certain that part of it comes from how much Ryo likes her, and then there is so, so, so much jealousy, because Leah is an American (born and raised in Las Vegas, oh my God--, I WAS THERE WHEN SHE WAS THERE, ONCE, eep, I wish I knew) who made it big in Japan and, do you know, everybody ever wants just that. A lot of people say that she is not very talented in anything other than in modelling, but I really do not think that this is true--, I love her songs and they are catchy and sweet and lovely, and apparently she writes some of the lyrics herself oh gosh. And her voice is really pretty, because she is not Mariah Carey and she never will be, but what nobody seems to understand is that Yoko or Yasu or Maru or Ueda or even Ryo are not the absolute best at singing, but there is a difference in-between good training and vocal controls, and a good voice. They all have good voices, ones that make you want to sing along, the ones that make you smile. And so does Leah. <3333 She is not so very good at lives and gets a lot of complaints because of it, but she is getting better all of the time and by now she is really doing a thousand, million times better with it all and eep. <3

She can play a little bit of the guitar, and she is doing her best at her singing and dancing and. <3 She's spoken a little bit about, here-and-there, her writing process, for her lyrics, and she is really so amazing. I wish I could find her quote again (I WILL BE LOOKING FOR YOU FOREVER), but she speaks about how she writes everything she feels down on little pieces of paper, just her raw emotions and thoughts, and then she takes them and makes them into her lyrics sometimes. ;.; <3 LEAH. I think, also, she maybe said once that Ultraman is her hero. Which, um, made Kanjani Eito giggle so hard like wow, but she -did- ask them for a date with Ultraman so there is always this. <3

She models ~like a pro ♪~ (LOVING YOUR LYRICS FOREVER, LEAH), and she first started her career with being a car-model and then she began releasing photobooks--, I really want to buy them and all of her CDs and DVDs and, because they are truly lovely. Her very first one was called Petite Amie and, and, and. <3 She now has a blog! <3 I will link to them down there. ↓~

And, and, and! She is making a new album -right now-. <3333

She has not been singing or modelling or doing very much of anything recently though, or for the past two years, because she got married and had a baby back then. A lot of her last performances, in them you can see that she is really stressed and worried and upset, and her eyes are far away, and she can only smile a little bit even when she is singing. ;.; Nobody knew for a long time that she was pregnant or that she was going to get married, and when she finally told everybody, it was a big shock and she announced it very suddenly and honestly on her blog (and Japan likes press-conferences, so there was upset). And so, some people speculate about whether or not her pregnancy was planned or not and if she only got married because of it--, apparently the man she was with, a stylist of hers, helped her a lot through how depressed she was because she was still having troubles being in Japan and learning the language and all of the anxieties of her fame which, truly, came to her amazingly fast and grew amazingly large and fdgtbrygrb.

Recently though, she has said that they are divorcing and she is trying very hard to get custody of her daughter, Mila. ;.; LEAH, oh, oh, oh. I think she will be okay, but me and everybody else are still very worried about her and ack.

But! She is the most amazing person ever. <3 She is ridiculously sweet and funny and nice, and she replies to all of her fans on twitter and always tries her absolute best in everything she does. <3

She wrote ten of the twelve songs on Communication!!! and her lyrics are so, so, so pretty. 'Lost at Sea' is my favorite, oh, it is so amazingly gorgeous and beautiful and lovely and wonderful. (I am going to write fic about her and Yoko and this song in-between them, I really am, soon. <3333) AND SHE IS IN LOVE WITH YOKOYAMA YUU, OKAY?

I think, the first-time they met, it was because Ryo (who had a big, ridiculous, amazing crush on her like nobody even knows) wanted to see her and so they invited her onto their show. Yoko and Ohkura were there, too, and Ryo maybe completely embarrassed himself by curling-up on their couch and hiding his face in his hands and only peeking through his fingers a couple of times, and Yoko was all giddy, and Ohkura was just simply sitting there and sighing and saying how big of an idiot Ryo was (probably because he was just jealous, but maybe it is just me thinking this). And Yoko called her cute in English, and she called him cute in Japanese, and, and, and. <3333 Yoko was so red, it was ridiculously adorable, and everybody was so, so, so shocked that she would say that and Ryo was just like 'EH, NO, NO, WAIT' the whole time. <3 And then Yoko kind-of receded back into the couch-cushions because his loudmouth exterior was completely shattered by her and all he can do when anybody compliments him, but especially her, is blush like there is no tomorrow and smile to himself, which he did. <3333

And then she was invited on Muchburi. <3 And, um. Just oh. <3333 I am fairly certain (through my terrible Japanese-learnings, oh no) that Leah asked for a date with Ultraman. Muchaburi is one of Kanjani8's (many, many, many...many) programs, and in it, they invite celebrities to make one request of them which they will do everything in their power to make true. So they all dressed-up in kimonos and yukata and Leah was terribly pretty and they all cooed over her. <3

First, they ask the guest questions that they wrote themselves! And so they asked Leah (okay, of course this, because they do it with every pretty girl on the show ever) who she would pick out of all of Eito. And then they were like NO, DO RANKINGS, so she picked friends (I think they were Ohkura, Subaru, and Hina), and a lover (I think it was Ryo, and he made these odd little squeal-y 'EEP' noises for like thirty seconds and couldn't do anything else but smile and everybody was terribly amused, like, 'WELL I WONDER WHO SHE PICKED, could it be you, Ryo?', and, um, Nishikido Ryo -never- makes high-pitched squeeing sounds, but Leah is just the exception to this rule), and a second-cousin and a husband (Yasu and Maru were her options, but Yoko messed it up by kissing Maru's cheek when their eyes were closed and making him think Leah did it--, Yoko, I think you act like a three-year-old around Leah, drferbgtrb, not wanting her to pick anybody else, eep!), and a brother--, and she picked Yoko as her brother. He smiled so wide. <3 And then strolled around the set going 'NICE BROTHER' in English and making her giggle and his cheeks were all red and Leah was all giggly and. <3

Reports of what truly happened vary! Some people say Yoko got picked as her husband or Ryo did or anything like this--, maybe since Yoko messed it all up she re-picked all the members in a redo? AND OR, my understanding of things is very small, which is very, very, very likely. But, um, yes. <3

And then, everytime Leah laughed, she leaned into Yoko. <3333 -Everytime-. And he leaned back into her. <3 And she always looked at him when she was speaking and made these little hopeful glances at him when she needed help or encouragements or she stuttered over her words and her meanings and he always looked back and smiled and then she would be okay again, and. <3 At one point they apparently made her say 'I really love you', or something very like this (I think possibly in Kansaiben? ack, I do not know, somebody help me ;.; ...meccha sukiya de <3 *0*), and Yoko made her repeat it first, and so she looked right into his eyes and he looked-back and said it and she didn't stumble at all and they smiled at each-other, and only when she had to say it for the camera did she start stumbling and getting very nervous, or so I've been told, oh my gosh. <3

Then they brought out a Leah-mask and he looked right into her eyes and kissed it and she stared back and then started shrieking girlishly and flailing and squealing and everybody laughed at their strange antics. <3 Finally she took a memory-picture of Ultraman and her, and everybody backed away from it so that they wouldn't be caught in it, but Yoko moved into it and so he was in the photo, making a face and standing right behind her and, and, and. <3 He wants her to remember him, too. <3333 ;.;

And then, at one point, Hina asks her why she knows Soshigaya, and she says it is because she used to live there. And Yoko says something like, 'but I want to know where you live -now-' I've heard, and, oh my gosh. <3

OH, OH, OH, I found the full-episode and I am watching it right now and LEAH and everytime Yoko speaks with her his eyes get so, so, so soft. <3333 And he speaks to her with this really gentle voice, and he tries to help her with everything, and. <3 He giggles at everything she says and does his little high-pitched laughter sometimes which is amazing oh. <3 AND EVERYBODY WHO'S WATCHED IT SAYS HOW OBVIOUS IT IS HE IS IN LOVE WITH HER. <3333 He really is. <3333

i love you


wo ai ni

in the sun

darling, darling, darling


fall in love


you are the prettiest

honey, honey, honey

so, so, so softly

I wanna wake you just to hear you tell me it&apos;s alright

please walk by me again...

good morning baby

and all, that I, could be, is too much sometimes for me

koi no shiyou

and you, you, you, you

i love you just because

it&apos;s not hard to love you

step into my world, baby

and seeing you here is like a dream made into the best of my realities

please don&apos;t look away

please marry me now

it feels like years since it&apos;s been clear

and when I see you

let&apos;s write our love story together

honey, honey, honey

a little bit sweeter

the self-destructive don&apos;t believe that there&apos;s a crisis they can leave...and then I married you

like I love you

I wanna keep you in my pocket forever

look at yourself, and tell me again I won&apos;t love you, make me believe it

I knew I&apos;d marry you

in the sunlight, in your arms

open your chest

all I dream about is you

I really love you

because I love you

when strong hands are healing, I&apos;m dancing on the ceiling

nobody knows it, but you&apos;ve got a secret smile, and you use it only for me

caterpillar won&apos;t you come outside? <3333

&apos;cause I love you, dakishimetai

don&apos;t you feel the fever like I do?

let&apos;s communicate again

I love the way you smile

&apos;cause I love you, egao misete

the most beautiful one

baby please, take a chance, koi no true romance


i love you, too


and you, you, you

drowning in your love

the prettiest one

kimi no egao ga mitai

リアのPVが好き! <3333


This is Leah's appearance on Muchaburi right here.
And this is Leah's first appearance on Cartoon KAT-TUN here.
And -this- is Leah's second on Cartoon KAT-TUN where she plays badminton with them eep here, here, here.
And this is Leah's first time with Yoko, Ryo, and Ohkuma Tabeyoshi here, soko, ici. <3333
And here is Leah's blog--,je t'adore, je te désire, je t'aime.

みんなのうた <3♪<3♪

love story(-アイシテル)--, let's write our love story together line by line...
fever--, when strong hands are healing, I'm dancing on the ceiling...don't you feel the fever like I do?
softly--, dakishime areba moto...
under the same sky--, kimi dake ga, aishiteru, you're my only one, under the same sky...
vanilla--,just having fun, being in love...
L.O.V.E.U--,I l-o-v-e you, all I think about is you--, I l-o-v-e you, all I dream about is you...
koi no shiyou--, baby please, fall in love, ima tokimeitei, baby please, take a chance, koi no true romance...'cause I love you, dakishimetai...
step into my world--, step into my world, baby, anata to forever, step into my world, tonight, always true to my heart...
I feel so happy to finally be back in the studio!!! ... And so incredibly blessed to be able to put out another album for you guys. Thank you so much for all of your support. The music, everything, it's all for you. It's all because of you. Thank you so much for allowing me to sing my songs to you m(_ _ )m. <3333

YOKO, please fall in love. <3
baby please, fall in love

...the more the tides change, the more things stay the same--, I can't stay but I can't get away, come save me...<3333

oh, you&apos;re so pretty
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