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let this reach your heart, my love, right now

Happy Christmas to anybody that celebrates! <3333 Happy Christmas to you, happy Christmas to you, happy Christmas dear you, happy Christmas to you, except that's not quite right, but, you know. <3 

I have five-hundred dollars to spend on Kanjani8 and Leah Dizon and KAT-TUN things, and okay lolita too, and I got wonderful boots and sweaters and shirts and jewelry and tights and things. *0* And there are bon-bons to eat and books to read and things to write and I'm really happy. <3333 And, I am maybe listening to 'dear...again' by Koumi Hirose because it is lovely and Kame says he loves it and I am fairly sure that he means it to Jin when he says that. <3 -swoons a little bit-

And, and, and! If anybody wants me to write them something, please don't be too scared to request it from me! I really love to write for you, -any-of you, so ask and I'll try my best to write it for you. It's a tradition! Eep, um, there are still maybe some fics I have not finished yet from last year, and as soon as my writer's block goes away I will really try and finish them, I do promise, I do, I do, I do. Sara, you can request whatever-sinful-things-you-want-from-me here, too. ;.; <3 

I hope you are all having the best Christmas you can ever have, and then a little bit better. <3333 And I'm so glad I can have mine here with you, and I hope I'll be able to have it by your sides for the rest of my life. <3333

Tags: happy christmas, i love you, i love you all, i'm in love with you, merry christmas, oh oh oh, wo ai ni
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