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Fanfiction Master Post

For the fanfiction, it ranges from fandom to fandom, in alphabetical order-- in each fandom areas the stories are ordered from newest to oldest.

Multi-chaptered fics, Clayman, Some Strike Slowly but the Death is Quick, and Quick to Blame, But Not to Forgiveness all are linked to their FF.net versions for various reasons (length, tediousness, etc.). They might eventually be posted here on livejournal if I'm feeling orderly.

Some of my writing may contain triggery content, and I've tried my best to add warnings next to the links here where I think I should put them, but please be aware that some of my stories might have triggers for you that I have forgotten to warn for. If you see any content that you think I should add a warning to, please just leave me a comment or email me or message me and I will absolutely and immediately put-up a warning on it. Healthy and happy reading! ;.; <3 I hope you enjoy reading my writing at least a little bit as much as I love writing it. Thank you so much if you even just consider reading something here. I love you. <3333

I will try and add all my writing to this list as soon as I can! <3

After School Nightmare:

You I Seem To Find So Easily, Most Kurosaki/Mashiro He does not need him. (And in that, he does not need Mashiro to be anything for him, and that is what Mashiro loves.)


Like Therapeutic Circle-Jerking Joker/The World, Cole/The World Life is a circle. There is one other choice besides jail or being shipped off to live on the island. (And what Cole has yet to learn is that every choice you make affects the people closest to you within twenty feet.) Warnings: discrimination based on sexuality, gender, ability, and most everything. A big, big, big amount of discriminatory language and, it is really rather triggery on every single level (because it is Cole who was the worst at these things ;.;), and so please read it with caution!

The Black Dahlia:

Watching What The Lies GrowBucky/Lee/Kay A man is a man is a man is a man.


Some Strike Slowly, But The Death Is Quick Renji/Ichigo Here are the days that strike slowly. (The inner wounds are taken most to heart. Renji gathers pieces of himself that he may have not known were there.)

Narcolepsy R ChizuruxOrihime Sometimes Chizuru has a sort of hypothetical, subconscious narcolepsy. (She is asleep until someone will have the kindness to wake her up.) Warnings: possibly squicky questionable sexual consent.


For Us There Is No Quiet to Speak Of Karman/Kai/Moses I leave my silence bare and quivering, our lips closed without a sign. (No longer do they have their beginning, but it is possible to find their end.)

Pinch of Salt Kai/Karman Throw it over your shoulder. (He has no open wounds. Of visits with Kai, family roles, salt and hot chocolate.)

Quick To Blame, But Not To Forgiveness Solomon/Saya Time is never-ending. (But the clock still breaks. Solomon regrets ever finding Saya, but he is not as sure that he could let her go now that he has.)

Sleepy Hollow Kai/Riku When Riku wakes he will find himself again. (Even if no one else will.)

Repress Me Lewis/Joel If I wrap my arms around your neck, will you still breathe? (There are repercussions to everything, some things more than others. The waiting period for Lewis to get close enough to kiss– because Joel's legs will not carry him, even to something he needs.)

This Is Where Our Bodies Lie Solomon/Karl To Solomon– it was almost the same as rape. (They have taken his mind, they have taken his trust, they have eaten his soul-, and it's still not until the end that Solomon discovers Carl lived even less than they did.)

What Lights Are Dim R Haji/Riku Betrayal, even ones that don't include war, is the worst thing you can do to Saya, and Riku knows this. (Saya's sword still stings at the base of his throat though he's never felt it.) Warnings: possibly squicky questionable sexual consent.

These Old Bones Are Brittle NC-17 Kai/Haji They will break. (Or we won‛t be able to feel anything else but the strain and the ache of a dull arthritis in them from the age old questions.)


Red Hands David/Julia She is more comfortable in his blood than she has been for years. (And it is what she wanted, isn't it?)

Not Forgotten Kai/Riku Here he is not forgotten, but not remembered. (Riku is dead, but not unheard of.)

Cardcaptor Sakura:

In SpringTouya/Yukito The first spring that you remembered.

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion:

Counting Down By You Lelouch/Kaguya Grieving silently and surely. (You don‛t even have to die. Making a lasting impression without a face.)

For These MomentsLelouch/Rolo The best days. (The most smiles.)

I'll Come RunningLelouch/Rolo P.E. is not their best subject. Or Rivalz's.

Other Flowers Suzaku/Lelouch In the summer, Suzaku sprains his wrist.

Boy About 10 Suzaku/Lelouch It is something like this.

How Vacantly You Stare At Me Lelouch/Rolo At arm's length. (A touch away. Lelouch regards infatuation with quiet distaste, something to covet not because it is wanted but because it is in existence.)

Darker Than Black:

Our Lady Of Solitude Hei/Havoc The traces of remembering. (Trying to remember the feeling of the action. There are things Hei doesn‛t know if he forgot.)

Dead Or Alive:

You Never Win In Vegas Zack/Leon Leon wins.


I Remember YouChane/Wynn He could forget her while she was right in front of him.

Get Backers:

Your Mad SkillsEmishi/MakubeX's Wii Your mad wii-playing skills. (You and me and you. In which MakubeX does not appreciate the complex science of a wrist-strap.)

Can of Worms Juubei/Kazuki, Toshiki/Juubei/Kazuki He will sew your empty rib cage. (Fill it with yarn and strings and tangles. They find in each other nothing they need, but much of what they want. And that's close enough, isn't it?)

A Deep Happiness Ginji/Shuu There is no, no light more brilliant than your smile. (In fixing someone, there is always the risk of breaking one's self. Shuu sometimes believes Ginji is fixing him, because there are penalties to admitting what is the truth– that it is the other way around.)

And They All Lived There (And They All Lived In Madoka's House) PG-13 In which they all live in Madoka's house, and none of them know why. [Ban is an asshole.]

The Hard-Knock Life For Ben-Chan PG-13 Crossover


Untitled PG-13 Shido/Mr. No Brakes Mr. No Brakes cries in front of a midnight sky for the father of his child.


It Walks Like A Duck R Kikyou/Kagome It walks like a duck, it talks like a duck. [In which Kagome is lost in her demise, and at times women are sworn as none other than the rest of them but still remain individuals.]

Jigoku Shoujo:

To Bleed As God Ichimoku Ren/Hajime He is encircled by the width and length of it. (When sizes alone can overcome him, Hajime knows that one day, he will be left empty.)

Not Style, Nor Season, Nor Hard-Handed Waanyudou/Ichimoku Ren Nothing is a miracle. (But here there is something, something more than cobwebs and dust, which is more than he can say for most things in his life.)


Praying Now For Beautiful Weather Itachi/Sasuke It comes down cold. (But it is not of the heart. Sasuke is oblivious to the fact that Itachi will not grieve for him, no matter how he grieves for Itachi.)

Wait For This Last Glimpse, Of This Tiny WorldSasuke/Sakura In your sightful-eye, (the last blossom of the adult earth. Sakura waits and does not wait. Eventually these two things, waiting and not-waiting, will become the same.)

Praise You (final cut) NC-17 Ramen/Naruto The countdown to a hundred bowls of ramen. (Every little serving means he's a little less alone, a little more at home in his body. But it does not, however, mean he is happy.)

Untitled Naruto/Neji Loving something is only the first part of letting it go. (And here he is, his hands pasted over their hearts which are, inevitably, in shambles...)

Bites The Dust Mikoto/Itachi In this place you will sleep forever. (On and on until you shudder awake.)

Kisses R Kakashi/Sasuke

The Men Who Swallow Flies TsunadexSakuraxShizune There was an old lady who swallowed a fly. (Who swallowed a fly, and kept herself looking young as she fed them the same aged lies.) (Seven lucks.)

Loveless NC-17 Itachi/Sasuke There was not meant to be love. (They are loveless, they were. They never have been.)

Fade Out KimimaroxGaaraxLee And fade out again and fade out. (The distances are always cold, the differences, comforting.)

Praise You R Ramen/Naruto, Jiraiya/Naruto, Sasuke/Naruto, Naruto/Sakura, Iruka/Naruto The countdown to a hundred bowls of ramen. (Every little serving means he's a little less alone, a little more at home in his body. But it does not, however, mean he is happy.)

This Is the Sea R Itachi/Haku, Zabuza/Haku 20 looks into the incomprehensible. (The count up to god-like tribalism in a community of princes-, ditching regards to royalism and the definition of red carpets leading to sacrificial people-figures.)

In Good Company R Naruto/Sai/Hinata, Sai/Naruto/Hinata, Naruto/Sasuke Three different shinobi discarding their humanity in five different tales. (And then realigning with it.)

Hana Yori Dango R Temari/Anko, Anko/Temari, Temari/Sakura A bloody-haired vixen. (Temari ponders her insolence, and the woman that is Anko, while eating dango and staying for the Chuunin exams.)

Clayman R Fugaku/Mikoto, Fugaku/Itachi, Fugaku/Sasuke, Fugaku/Shisui, Fugaku/?, Mikoto/Itachi, Mikoto/Sasuke, Fugaku/Fugaku's Mother He knows the backs of her hands better than his own. (She is always touching him, wanting to know he is real.) Warnings: questionable sexual consent.

He Who Tastes Honey R Sasuke/Naruto/Sakura He who tasted honey will want the hive. [And it's bitterness is more appropriate than her smile.]

The Good, The Bad, & The Queen R Hinata/Hanabi A mother's inconsistency in her truths leads to a sister's redemption, a clan's salvation, and one lie can poison a mind faster than an antidote could befall deaf ears, which no longer listens to them. [The room is alive, but she is not.]

Canary R Mikoto/Itachi he is trembling in the face of something she cannot understand, as it withers and croons under her touch like the cat that caught the canary and wanted to show its mother.

Prince of Tennis:

Two is Company, Four a Crowd Kaidoh/Inui (amongst others) What is unknown can sometimes hurt the hardest. (It is rare to love only one person at a time. For them, it is nonexistent.)


On Fire NC-17 Hakkai/Goku The eye will not see what it does not wish to. (Trapped inside the gourd of Kinkaku, Hakkai and Goku did more than fight the creatures within.) Warnings: possible questionable sexual consent.


This Is What You Need Tobei/Ose Sometimes a lifetime can be had in a single moment. (Thirty-five thousand days, and one tends to leave some of the pieces behind. Tobei and Ose; ninety-eight years and they have finally made a connection.)


As Though You Knew Forever Jacob/Jasper And we were. (Further and further. When one person becomes content, three people must become dissatisfied. Decapitation in the highest sense is the last disconnection known.) Jasper; Edward; Jacob; Bella. The effects that effects have.


My Baking's Gotten So Much Better Since I Fondue DollarBill/Mothman/Hooded Justice/Captain Metropolis It starts and ends here. (Even crime-fighters have Saturday-morning cookie-fights. Along the way, someone had had the brilliant idea to bake cookies in their crime-fighting regalia. It all sinks down from there, like cakes with no baking powder.)

Folie a deux Silk Spectre/Mothman Forget who you loved, but not that you loved. (Theory initializes that one will rather become insane than see death. Like yawns, these things spread.) Warnings: possible questionable sexual consent.

Secret Swingers Hooded Justice/Captain Metropolis/Dollar Bill/Mothman And the rest is history. (It is when they are halfway through the second-course of lobster that Hooded Justice realizes ‛oh God, we are dating‛.) Leave behind your monogamy, we don‛t want it here anymore. The art of double-dating.

Leaving You With Flowers Hooded Justice/Captain Metropolis I hope, that this is enough.

And All Your Armour Turned To Lace Silhouette/Silk Spectre the thin parts of a girl.

Backwards As A Lover's Waltz Hooded Justice/Captain Metropolis Do not long for longing, there is nothing else after it. (Work it backwards; it will be alright.)

All the Brave Young Men Eddie/Hollis Roll yourself in revolution.


Get Dressed Up So Beautiful Doumeki/Watanuki You're wearing nothing but your clothes! (Watanuki; Doumeki; the scattered life in between or of dreams and in the seconds without a face.)


by and by Bakura/Ryou This is how I love you. (I love you just like I love you.)

Holographic Initiation Axe Raider/Yami Yugi Kaiba/The World These dueling systems are very realistic. (Or, when far is too far. Or, when holographic manipulations are convinced of sexual intimacy between you, and your dueling card.)

Here Is Where The Roses Grow Pegasus/Duke All it's done is rain. (But there is a solace in drowning, and they find it amidst roses and the occasional thorn.)

EverythingNC-17 Yami/Joey What is mistaken for nothing, [Is often times everything.]


Kidnapped SetoxMokuba Mokuba has to pretend his brother is there, because he hardly ever is. [Mokuba likes sleeping in Seto's bed when he is away on business trips.] (onesided)

Tries TristanxDuke After countless tries on Serenity, Tristan's finally got the girl. [Except it's not who he expected it to be.]

Red Yami/Yugi The color of his gardening gloves are, in the end, more important than his hands. [Yugi trims the red roses of their lifestyle for Yami.]


Empty-Nest Syndrome Seto/Mokuba The crescent. (Mending a lie is harder than fixing a truth. Mokuba counts his brother's, and tries to understand the semantics of their relationship.)

None SetoxMokuba Seto understands the art of back-tracking. Mokuba does not. [Mokuba also does not understand his brother, but when feeling spiteful likes to believe that in return, Seto does not understand him.]

Mistaken NC-17 Yami/Joey Places, people. [Empty faces, empty little things. Tid bits of a humane fault and it's effect on someone otherwise innocent.] Innocence is bliss. Warnings: possible questionable sexual consent.


Dancing With Wolves NC-17 MikotoxItachi Let me go to sleep in the caves of wolves. (Mikoto debates the lines of justification over many cups of tea in the kitchen in the Uchiha manor, on numerous nights of insomnia.)

Multi-Chaptered (WIPs):

Burn R Itachi/Sasuke So you'll never have to bleed. [Burn. Burn through snakes and spiders and all the spiteful things they'd ever said.]

Enter Destination R And it's on the tip of your nose. [A Collection of Unconnected Drabbles]


Little Heart Miyagi/Ayako, Lelouch/Rolo, Mitsui/Kogure, Kawamura/Fuji, Hal/Kai Little heart. (There are many ways to heart-ache. 5 palpitations.)
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